RSC is a Professional Services and Consulting Company focusing on Corporate Real Estate (CRE), analysis and workflow recommendations relating to CRE computer applications, and the delivery of quantifiable asset management reports.

Specialties: Professional Project Management, Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), Planning, Analysis, Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS).

For more than a decade, IMS Consulting has delivered the full scope of ARCHIBUS-related services to both government and commercial clients. As a Virginia Certified Small Business, IMS Consulting provides our clients with personalized attention by experienced ARCHIBUS certified consultants. Our experts work with our clients to thoroughly understand how they do business, identify their unique needs, and pinpoint opportunities to better manage their infrastructure, employ more efficient work processes, and make smarter capital budgeting decisions—both today and over the long term.

InfoNarus is a proven full-service IWMS consulting firm. We approach every project as a partner to the organization we are implementing an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for. With this approach, we collaborate with the project team to identify, model and implement the best solution to meet the overall needs. We take a multi-faceted approach. We begin with our focus on the people and the processes already in place. Once we have collectively agreed on the process moving forward, we embark on applying the technology. Our philosophy is, “If you apply technology to a challenged process, you only get a challenged process quicker.”

Robotech CAD Solutions, Inc. is a Systems Integration and Support group for CAD and CAFM applications. We offer computer solutions for the design and management of corporate facilities, using CAD and database applications. The supported computer solutions are based on the standard of the industry AutoCAD application, integrated with the ARCHIBUS Facilities Management applications. Robotech offers full service for CAD and CAFM implementation, including FM database development and Engineering Document Management (EDM) systems implementation.