The bottom line is that, to a greater extent than ever before, our department can justify the projects and processes we think benefit the company most—like keeping work in-house vs. outsourcing it—because we have the numbers to back us up in ARCHIBUS.
We have more than 600 floor drawings currently in ARCHIBUS. Monitoring space and occupancy is made possible by importing the ARCHIBUS spatial data into our GIS database…By associating research with rooms, we have consolidated, comprehensive information on the types of research activities taking place in our various labs. Through the ARCHIBUS/ESRI integration, we can determine what the safety implications are of those research activities, either individually or at the building level.
OnLINE FM is an essential business partner of PDR. Their technical abilities and superb knowledge of Archibus makes them a strong, reliable consultant, but it is their strategic approach which helps us develop our system to fit the unique needs of our business. They are truly a partner with us through all phases of work from installation to development to ongoing support.
Edward Britton, PDR Corp